B away using Scheduled airlines

Offering a superb value for money service for all your business travel requirements. There are so many clever ways to find the best prices on scheduled flights that we encourage you to talk tous to discuss your requirements.

B away using Private Charters

We can offer exceptional value for money by getting you nearer to you final destination and avoiding the delays and stress of commercial airports, whilst enjoying the privacy and comfort of your own aircraft. Whether it’s breakfast in Paris, a board meeting in Dublin, or a family weekend in the Swiss Alps…private jet charter gives you the ultimate in flexibility and control. You choose where you want to fly to and from, at your own schedule. It can also be surprisingly cost-effective on a per-seat basis, and in some cases, competitive with first or even business class scheduled flights. Chartering is the most cost effective means of travelling by private aircraft, anywhere in the world. Unlike fractional ownership or hourly card schemes, there are no upfront costs or premium hourly rates.

BAway specialise in cruising. Our superb relationships with the major cruise lines enables us to gain access to fantastic cruise deals and amazing cruise offers. The members of our highly experienced team have personal experience of each and every cruise line.

Whether it’s a European cruise, Atlantic cruise or Caribbean cruise, we are here to offer you impartial and objective advice to source just the right cruise to meet and we hope exceed your expectations.

Our portfolio covers a range of luxury hotels with challenging golf, state-of-the-art spas, breathtaking scenery and unparalleled service.

Offering a wide range of hotels in all four corners of the world. Let us know what you are looking for and we will happily quote for a personalised, tailor made itinerary for you.